Needless to say, there is always plenty to explore inside the walls of Tokyo. However, the sprawling capital also works well as a launching point into the charming suburbs and lesser-known gems in neighboring prefectures. In the blink of an eye, trains from Tokyo can transport you to various destinations, all with their own unique atmosphere and local culture.

Fortunately, there are many discount tickets and one-day passes to encourage travelers to journey outside of Tokyo. They even offer discounts that go beyond just transportation, so be sure to check the ticket information to see what kind of perks they give, as there are usually shops that have special offers exclusive for holders of these tickets.

Travel within Tokyo Prefecture with a Discount Pass

Keisei Shitamachi Biyori Pass: Discover Tokyo’s Historic Shitamachi

Shibamata, Japanese old Shitamachi

The Japanese word “shitamachi” refers to local areas within the 23 wards that maintain a unique, nostalgic atmosphere. They often serve as hubs for art and culture away from towering skyscrapers. To get a glimpse into the life of a local in Japan that runs on mom-and-pop shops, and bohemian art, try the Shitamati Biyori Pass by Keisei Electric Railway.

A good example of a Tokyo shitamachi is Shibamata. This town is famous for Tora-san, the protagonist of the popular “Otoko Wa Tsurai Yo” movie series. There are plenty of posters and landmarks devoted to the memory of this beloved character that embodies the spirit of shitamachi.

Nearby Ueno lies another collection of neighboring shitamachi called Yanesen, a combination of Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi (Ya-Ne-Sen). Yanaka is known for Yanaka Ginza, a charming shopping street selling tasty treats and souvenirs, Sendagi is filled with traditional houses and cafes serving up nostalgic flair, and Nezu is home to the iconic Nezu Shrine and Snake Street.

How to Get the Keisei Shitamati Biyori Pass

There are Keisei ticket counters available at Narita Airport and Nippori Station. Information centers offer helpful tips in multiple languages.

Price: 510 JPY (Adult), 260 JPY (Children)
Validity: Unlimited rides within Tokyo on Keisei Lines

Explore Adachi with the Keikyu Tokyo 1-Day Ticket

Toneri Park
Toneri Park

The Tokyo 1-Day Ticket is great for travelers who want to explore Tokyo and nearby areas. One of the most interesting lines included in this discount pass is the Toei Streetcar Arakawa Line which operates Tokyo’s only remaining streetcar.

On the Nippori-Toneri Liner, you can visit Adachi City in northeast Tokyo. Here there are parks like Toneri Park, with plenty of ponds, streams, and sports facilities. Another beautiful park in Adachi City is Higashi-Ayase Park, which is popular for spider lilies in autumn and cherry blossoms in spring.

How to Get the Keikyu Tokyo 1-Day Ticket

The Keikyu Tokyo 1-Day Ticket can be purchased at all Keikyu Line stations, excluding Sengakuji Station. Be sure to check the website for details about which lines can be used with the Keikyu Tokyo 1-Day Ticket.

Keikyu Tokyo 1-Day Ticket
Price from Shinagawa: 900 JPY (Adults), 450 JPY (Children)
Price from Yokohama: 1,140 JPY (Adults), 570 JPY (Children)
Validity: Keikyu Line round-trip discount ticket, Toei Subway (Toei Streetcar Arakawa Line, Nippori-Toneri Liner), and Toe Bus (except for late night buses)

Travel to Saitama Prefecture with a Discount Pass

Visit the Tokyo Suburbs with a SEIBU Discount Ticket

The Seibu Railway Company is based in Tokorozawa, Saitama. Naturally, Seibu Railway operates several lines that lead to appealing destinations in Saitama Prefecture from Tokyo using the Ikebukuro Line. The Shinjuku Line leads west out into the Tama area.

The SEIBU 1Day Pass + Nagatoro pass includes free use of All Seibu lines, excluding the Tamagawa area. An extra fee is required to use the limited express trains like the Laview ・Red Arrow Limited Express with the SEIBU 1Day Pass.

Visit Chichibu with a SEIBU Discount Ticket

Nagatoro cruise, Chichibu
Nagatoro. Chichibu

Chichibu in the western part of Saitama Prefecture attracts visitors with beautiful natural scenery and exciting locations offering outdoor activities. In spring, the Hitsujiyama Park, displays lovely pink flowers that paint Shibazakura Hill. Autumn colors amplify the beauty of the rocky Nagatoro Iwadatami, which is popular for rafting tours.

Visit Tokorozawa with a SEIBU Discount Ticket

Tokorozawa aviation memorial park

Tokorozawa is a charming area in the Tokyo suburbs filled with history and pop-culture. History buffs and fans of aviation will enjoy the nostalgic Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park. There are plenty of old planes and museums to check out within this massive park.

Tokorozawa Sakura Town blends Japanese tradition with pop-culture. You can even stay at an anime-themed hotel and find your favorite manga series in the gorgeous Kadokawa Culture Museum.

How to Get SEIBU Discount Tickets

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices in Seibu-Shinjuku Station and Ikebukuro Station on the first floor and in the basement. The SEIBU Tourist Information Center Ikebukuro at the East Exit of Ikebukuro Station also offers helpful information in multiple languages.

SEIBU 1Day Pass / SEIBU 2Day Pass
Price: 1,000 JPY (1 Day), 2,000 JPY (2 Day)
Validity: All Seibu lines (excluding the Tamagawa Line)

SEIBU 1Day Pass + Nagatoro/ SEIBU 2Day Pass + Nagatoro
Price: 1,500 JPY (1 Day), 3,000 JPY (2 Day)
Validity: All Seibu lines (excluding the Tamagawa Line), Chichibu Line (Nogami/Nagatoro to Mitsumineguchi)

Visit Kawagoe from Tokyo Using a Discount Ticket


Kawagoe, often called “Koedo”, preserves the atmosphere of old Tokyo with traditional buildings and shopping streets. Travel back in time as you walk the streets in a colorful Japanese kimono. There are many attractions including the Kita-in temple, Kawagoe Castle, Kurano-machi, Kashiya Yokocho, and more. Visit here to see a window into Japanese history and culture. Both Seibu Railway and TOBU Railway offer discount tickets to Kawagoe from Tokyo.

Information about the SEIBU and TOBU Kawagoe Pass

The SEIBU KAWAGOE PASS, shaped like a Japanese charm, acts as a souvenir itself, so be sure not to lose it, even afterwards! The ticket includes one round-trip between Hon-Kawagoe Station and Tokyo Urban Station (Seibu-Shinjuku, Takadanobaba or Ikebukuro Station).

The KAWAGOE DISCOUNT PASS by TOBU Railway offers access to the Tobu Tojo Lines at a discounted price. In addition, passholders may receive special discounts for certain stores. There is also a Premium version of the ticket that includes free bus rides within the city and unlimited rides between Kawagoe Station and Kawagoeshi Station.

Price: 700 JPY
Validity: One round-trip between Hon-Kawagoe Station and Seibu-Shinjuku, Takadanobaba or Ikebukuro Station

Price: 710 JPY (Adults), 370 JPY (Children)
Validity: One round-trip between Ikebukuro Station and Kawagoe Station

Travel to Kanagawa Prefecture with a Discount Pass

Tokyu Yokohama Chinatown Trip Gourmet Tickets

Chinatown in Yokohama

Another option for travelers after tasty meals is the Yokohama Chinatown Trip Gourmet Ticket by Tokyu Railways. Yokohama Chinatown, or Yokohama Chukagai, hosts many Chinese stores and restaurants along its colorful and lively streets, making it Japan’s largest Chinatown. The area is a major attraction of Yokohama.

The Yokohama Chinatown Trip Gourmet Ticket makes it easy to explore the are a try delicious Chinese food. It is a triple-ticket set that allows unlimited use of all Tokyu Lines for one day, unlimited use of Minatomirai Line for one day, and meal tickets for Yokohama Chinatown.

While in Yokohama, you can also check out some other attractions like Harbor View Park, YOKOHAMA RED BRICK WAREHOUSE, Cosmoworld, and Minatomirai.

How to Get the Tokyu Yokohama Chinatown Trip Gourmet Tickets

The Tokyu Yokohama Chinatown Trip Gourmet Tickets are available for purchase at the counter of Tokyu Line stations. They are not sold at the Kodomonokuno or Setagaya Line.

Price: 3,000 JPY (adult), 2,000 JPY (children)
Validity: Tokyu Lines for one day, unlimited use of Minatomirai Line for one day, meal tickets for Yokohama Chinatown (check the website for details and restrictions)

Keikyu Line: Enjoy Fresh Seafood, Beautiful Views of Miura Peninsula

Miura peninsula

Just one hour from central Tokyo, you can enjoy delicious fresh tuna at Misaki Port on Miura Peninsula in Kanagwa Prefecture. The scenic trip takes about 90 minutes from Tokyo. Misaki has earned the nickname “maguro no machi” or “tuna town” for its harbors and large tuna hauls.

In addition, Miura Peninsula is home to several picturesque locations, which is immediately obvious from the window of the train making its way down the Miura coastline. A couple of the most famous examples are Jogashima and the lovely Kawazu cherry blossoms, or Kawazuzakura, in spring.

The Keikyu Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket includes a set of Keikyu Line round-trip tickets and unlimited rides on the Keikyu bus. You can also choose from 32 restaurants to try some of the local area’s famous maguro dishes.

Tickets for popular actives and souvenirs are also included. You can save a little by purchasing the digital ticket. They are available for purchase at each Keikyu Line station, except Sengakuji and Misakiguchi stations.

Keikyu Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket
Price from Shinagawa: 3,660 JPY (Digital), 3,760 JPY (Physical)
Price from Yokohama: 3,570 JPY (Digital), 3,670 JPY (Physical)
Price from Haneda Airport: 3,870 JPY (Digital), 3,970 JPY (Physical)
Validity: Keikyu Line round-trip tickets and unlimited rides on the Keikyu bus (see the website for recommended courses)

Travel to Tochigi Prefecture with a Discount Pass

Visit Nikko with a Tobu NIKKO PASS Discount Ticket

Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Revered for its awe-inspiring views of nature and history, Nikko is accessible in under two hours by Tobu Railway’s Revaty Limited Express from Asakusa Station, making it an idyllic day trip destination. Tobu Nikko Station has exclusive passes as perks for foreign tourists, including bus passes to areas like Lake Chuzenji, which features a new cruise vessel to see the surrounding waterfalls and sightseeing spots, as well as a front row seat for viewing the changing colors of the seasons.

Featuring some of the most intricate shrines in the world among its many attractions. Its crown jewel is the Nikko Toshogu shrine, the extravagant mausoleum of legendary Edo shogunate founder, Tokugawa Ieyasu, a more recent addition to the Nikko shrines built in the 1600s.

You can order tickets in advance online on the TOBU website.

Price: April 20 to November 30: 4,780 JPY (Adults), 1,330 JPY (Children);December 1 to April 19: 4,160 JPY (Adults), 1,080 JPY (Children)
Validity: 4-day access to all Tobu Railway lines between Shimo-Imaichi, Tobu-Nikko and Shin-Fujiwara stations, all Tobu Bus lines in Nikko, Nikko Edomura shuttle bus, Nikko-Kinugawa Onsen Bus, and hybrid bus for Odashirogahara area access.

Travel to Yamanashi Prefecture with a Discount Pass

Visit Mt. Fuji with a Mt. Fuji Pass

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is symbolic in many ways for many different people. For some, it is a stoic symbol of calming reverence. For others, it is the ultimate thrill, with climbing to its peaks at the top of their bucket list. These contrasts are an embodiment of Japan and the resilience of the Japanese people over millennia.
A short train ride from Shinjuku will take you to the heart of Mt. Fuji. When there, visitors can purchase a Mt. Fuji Pass, which covers buses and trains in the area for up to 3 days, and also provides extended discount privileges for restaurants and activities at all the best tourist spots.

Mt. Fuji is surrounded by stunning lakes, with Kawaguchiko being one of the top destinations in the area to unwind and relax. But the area also boasts attractions to make thrill-seeking dreams come true for kids and adults alike with the mega coasters of the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park. Camping around Mt. Fuji has become one of the most popular draws to the area since the start of the pandemic and is a spectacular place to get in touch with nature any time of the year.

Price: 1 day ticket: Adult 5,500 JPY, Children 2,750;2 day ticket: Adult 8,000 JPY, Children 4,000;3 day ticket: Adult 10,000 JPY, Children 5,000
Validity: Unlimited rides on the buses and trains around Mt. Fuji area, incudes entrance tickets and special deals for popular amusement facilities. (available for foreign visitors only)