Residing just a tad bit north of Tokyo is Saitama. A glance at its name hints some of its key things you could checkout: a promontory feature amidst Tokyo that offers a bundle of fun activities for each and every one! Gourmet spots, recreational blocks, nostalgic backdrops, and the spectacle display of nature is sure to tug at one's heart. Head out towards Nagano for a dash of excitement all season 'round or be enshrouded with a UNESCO-recognized cultural heritage, the enchanting Misotsuchi Icicles, at Chichibu.

A Spellbound Adventure Awaits You from Tokyo to Saitama!

Chichibu & Nagatoro

Chichibu is renowned for its plethora of spots to pamper yourself. This said attraction, along with Nagatoro, is located at the west of Saitama. Fill your belly with hearty meals, satiate your soul with power spots, and encapsulate the picturesque nature as your gist of the day. Feeling thrifty or a bit extravagant at the moment?
A jam-packed stroll or a lengthy stay is both equally as fulfilling.

Location of Saitama Prefecture