Home to the Tokyo and Yokohama, Kanto region has a dense population, with bustling cities, vibrant culture and endless sites of modern development. But Kanto is also home to beautiful mountains, idyllic beaches, and a deep history.

Kanto Region Ibaraki茨城県 Chiba千葉県 Tochigi栃木県 Gunma群馬県 TOKYO 東京都 Kanagawa神奈川県 Saitama埼玉県

Latest Articles from Kanto Region

shinjuku station maap

Shinjuku as a Transportation Hub

Shinjuku Station is a massive maze, even for people living in Tokyo. The station has as many as 36 platforms, some 200 exits and...
teamLab forest of lamps

Mori Digital Art Museum’s Brand New teamLab Exhibit

New Odaiba museum hosts art collective's first permanent installation: Borderless Japan's famous digital art collective teamLab has held several digital art exhibitions in Japan and around the...
Shinjuku’s main street circa 1935

Legendary Establishments as Landmarks of Shinjuku

Keeping Pace with Time Bearing Witness to the Changes of Shinjuku  Where it all began for Shinjuku? The busiest junction of Shinjuku-sanchome was known in the past...
Robot Restaurant Tokyo

The Dazzling Disarray of the Robot Restaurant

Offering a wholly unique, bombastic spectacle of a show you’re unlikely to find anywhere else Whenever I meet people on vacation in Japan and ask them...
Shinjuku panorama

SHINJUKU – A City of Rebirth

The Humble Origins of Shinjuku Tokyo’s Shinjuku is like no other place in the world, although many like to compare it to Las Vegas. On...
Tokyo Bay Odaiba

Tokyo Bayside Story

WAttention Tokyo Culture Special Tokyo is a large, vibrant city with a long, colorful history. This summer, WAttention Tokyo takes magnifying glass to the south...

Tokyo Bayside Story: Toyosu & Odaiba

The Past, Present and Future of Tokyo Bay Tokyo is a vibrant city with all the charms of a bayside suburb. When visiting the city,...
Trick Art Vampire

Tokyo Trick Art Museum

Photographic fun with ninjas, time travel and giant monsters, all under one roof! Trick art uses optical illusions, making the viewer feel like they are...
Tennozu Isle

Tokyo Bayside Story: Kita-Shinagawa and Tennozu Isle

A historic checkpoint station in a modern, stunning coastal setting Back in the Edo period (1603-1868), Kita-Shinagawa thrived as a shukuba, or checkpoint station, on the...
Utagawa Toyokuni I "Women and an Infant Boy in a Public Bath House" 1799

Bathing Culture: The History of Sento

Beginnings of Sento A lot of people from various cultures have felt that bathing cleans more than just their bodies; there is also a feeling...
Odaiba Kurofune Ukiyoe

Tokyo Bayside Story: History of Odaiba

The Japanese Islands That Matthew Perry Helped Build In 1852, America’s 13th president, Millard Fillmore, ordered Commodore Matthew C. Perry to sail to Japan and...
Sanja matsuri

The Roots and History of Summer Festivals in Japan

Hot nights, traditional costumes, portable shrines and the rhythmical beating of drums immediately spell out matsuri, summer festivals, to any Japanese person. 'Tis the Season...
Nishiasa Sankita (Nishiasakusa Sanchome Kita Chokai) mikoshi carrying

Backstage at Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa

Hot nights, traditional costumes, portable shrines and the rhythmical beating of drums immediately spell out matsuri, summer festivals, to any Japanese person. One of...
Michael Feather Photography from Sanja Festival

Interview with Michael Feather – Capturing Precious Moments from Sanja Matsuri

Michael Feather: Photographer A graduate of Leeds College of Photography Design and Print Clients varying from Lucite International and Muji to some of the best award...