About WAttention

Making fans of Wonderland Japan

Our company name, WAttention is a blend of two words and cultures – “ (wa)” which in Japanese, means “harmony”, “unity” and refers to anything “uniquely Japanese” – and the word “attention”.

Since “wa” also has the connotation of “linking”, we gave our magazine the name in line with our mission to bring more attention to the world of “wa” and to act as a bridge between Japanese culture, corporations and the world.

WAttention Corporation, which is the publisher of ‘WAttention’ – the largest-circulating free magazine of its kind in the world – introduces Japan’s unique culture as it is and tourism sights as they are to readers all over the world, in either English or their local language.  Just four years from its launch in 2011, WAttention is now distributed in ten countries in Asean, Europe and the US.


With the aim of being “Your one-stop portal to all thing Japan”, our web publication delivers daily the freshest news on what’s in season, be it what to see, where to go, what to eat and what to buy for fans of overseas planning a trip to Wonderland Japan.



Fans of this site who register as members will be able to participate in campaigns to win prizes, enjoy shopping at our online WAttention Store, and save their favourite articles at the “My Page” function, for easy reference when planning for their trip to Japan! Other Members Only privileges coming soon!