Known for its lush scenery adorned by abundant flora and fauna, Yamagata is alongside greeted by the Sea of Japan(yonder the Tohoku Region). Noteworthy are its Zao and Dewa-Sanzan; a pilgrim to these sacred sites may be daunting but its arsenal of plump treats is sure to fill you up to the brim! As such, crowning them as the "fruit kingdom" could only seem proper. Applauded hot springs, gourmet food, scenic vistas, revered spots, and cherished cultures are arguably the best momentos you could ever ask for.

Now - Roam Past the Unforgettable Rustic Charms of Yamagata!

Of Sacred Sites, Folklore, and Reverence

Mountain worship and folklore are at the core of practices prevalent in the Tohoku region. The Dewa-sanzan and Yamadera have withstood generations; these all are testament to the concept of life and death for the devout worshippers now and then. Learn more about Kitamaebune and its fascinating culture.