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Japan Now from every region

At every nook and corner, heartwarming stories unbeknownst to many are at large even in the midst of the current pandemic.

The Best Things to do in the Suburbs of Tokyo

A primer to get started on your Tokyo Suburb Getaway! Take your pick - a moment's reprieve in nature or an adrenaline extravaganza in spots clad in pop-culture!


Uncover the many treasures of Nagano

A mere hour-and-a-half trip via the Shinkansen from Tokyo, Nagano is sure to satisfy your cravings for landscapes, cultural relics, and hearty meals from its locals.

Unearth the Wonders of NIIGATA

Can't get enough of rice? While Niigata is known as Japan's top producer of rice, the prefecture also packs a ton of adventures awaiting discovery. Tub-boats, per se. Bon Voyage!

Mt. Fuji - Highest Mountain in Japan

The ultimate guide to the Mt. Fuji area

Embarking on Japan's proud and sacred mountain is no small feat. Don your backpacks and make sure both your body and mind is well-equipped for this hike of a lifetime.


Mysterious, powerful water originating from Mt.Fuji and ...

A Dwelling for the Gods. The Land of the Rising Sun's Mt. Fuji is enshrouded with folklores, legends, and anecdotes; rivers, ponds, and lakes alike ebb such mysteries.

Chichibu Welcomes All

Find your kindred spirit at Chichibu~ Tread along awe-inspiring sceneries, take a pilgrimage across natural heritages, and experience a heartfelt hospitality through many campaigns ♡



Sniffing It Out: Akita dogs, known for their unfaltering loyalty are great companions for your journey. Woof your way into Akita and discover mouth-watering delicacies and sceneries to satiate your senses.


Ibaraki a Land of Charm

A Blast from the Past? Head towards Ibaraki for rustic encounters and early-Edo-period shops(misegura) perfect for capping off a picturesque journey.

©Naka-Harima District Administration Center,Hyogo Prefectural Government

Naka-Harima - A gateway to ancient Japan

Lush undulating topographies and mouth-dropping cultural artifacts are a match made in heaven.Fret no more - Himeji, Fukusaki, Ichikawa, and Kamikawa furnish you these timeless relics.


Japan Summer Special(2016)

Even those shy at heart are sure to dance to these contagious energies from Japanese summer festivals! Else, an array of breathtaking vistas awaits courageous travelers!

Japan Winter Special(2016)

Winters in Japan are sure to make one's spirit warm. 'Tis the season of unwavering hospitality and fluttery sceneries. Top off your trip with a hotpot or a hot spring.

Kiyamizu-dera Temple in Autumn Season Light-up Event

Ultimate Map of Fall Foliage Destinations in Japan

Tick these ultimate fall foliage spots off your bucket list! Refresh your senses with a plethora of autumn palettes across Japan's majestic gardens up to its humble enclaves.

Kinkakuji Temple in Early Autumn  Season

In Harmony with the Seasons

Enjoy the calendar of the four seasons Japan has many beautiful four seasons and the blessings of nature from time to time. Let's enjoy the beautiful four seasons of Japan

kimono types sakura

Feature Article Title

You need an emotional lead that makes you want to read the article, not an explanation of the region or culture. "Don't think, feel !"

WAttetion Tohoku

Up to now, Tohoku region still retains its old-world charms, traditional lifestyles and distinctive cultures. With its astounding scenery, ancient shrines, and unique lifestyles maintained by friendly people making remarkable local dishes, each spot and every person in the region has a fascinating story waiting to be discovered.

Meet the Folk Ritual “Namahage”, Demon -like Deity

WAttention Tohoku 7th Issue

  • Samurai Spirit - Alive and Well in Tohoku
  • Japanese Sake Tours around Northern region: history of sake spirits
  • The other world of Japanese Buddhism
  • Springtime Snow of Sakura Petals


WAttention Tohoku 6th Issue

  • Tohoku’s Most Fun Spring Outings
  • Heroes and heroines behind the festivals
  • Eco-adventures in Tohoku

Matsuo Basho

WAttention Tohoku 5th Issue

  • Winter in Tohoku: A memorable vacation with furry friends
  • Winter in Tohoku: A plethora of winter activities for all! Enter the snow kingdom of Tohoku
  • Journey with Matsuo Basho: Haiku master and adventurer
  • The Sea of Japan lined with Hina Dolls: A timeless love story

dragon blue caves ryusendo

WAttention Tohoku 4th Issue

  • For the Love of Cherry Blossoms
  • Summer Explorations and Adventures in Tohoku
  • The Canal that Ensured the Future of Asaka

Participants climb the bonfire tower to bathe themselves in smoke to remove bad luck

WAttention Tohoku 3rd Issue

  • A World of Snow and Ice: Worshipping Gods Descended from the Heavens
  • The “DATE Culture” Fostered by Masamune
  • Enjoy Tohoku’s Autumn Season with All Five Senses

Tohoku 2017 Spring & Summer1

WAttention Tohoku 2nd Issue

  • Sakura Flow: Sakura Flow from West to East, then North in the spring wind
  • Matsuri: Summer festivals in Tohoku
  • Tohoku Cuisine: A feast of Culture and Tradition

Tohoku Special Winter 2016 - 1

WAttention Tohoku 1st Issue

  • Tohoku Cuisine: A feast of Culture and Tradition
  • Mysterious Touhoku: Land of Deities
  • Winter Activities: yukimi Onsen, Sky Resort, Vintage Winter Rides, World Best Sake!

kimono types sakura

Feature Article Title

  • Featured Contents 1
  • Featured Contents 2
  • Featured Contents 3

kimono types sakura

Feature Article Title

  • Featured Contents 1
  • Featured Contents 2
  • Featured Contents 3

WAttetion Tokyo

Tokyo is filled with scenarios and surprises, and more often than not, offers extraordinary bit of wonders invisible to the naked eye. Embark on a journey with WAttention Tokyo, as we discover hidden gems across uncharted alleys and discover the charms of well-trodden paths.

Tokyo Reborn with TOKYO 2020

WAttention Tokyo Vol. 35

  • Tokyo Reborn with TOKYO 2020
  • Tokyo Tea Culture: A taste of Japanese Tradition in the Modern World


WAttention Tokyo Vol. 34

  • Tokyo 1964 – 2020: A Tale of Two Olympics
  • A New Year in Ginza, Where Luxury Meets Centuries-Old Tradition

Kanzeryu “Atsumori” Takeda Fumiyuki

WAttention Tokyo Vol. 33

  • Exciting Huge Sports Events are Brewing in Tokyo
  • Flourishing Japanese Theater from Edo to the Modern Era

Spatial Calligraphy, Reversible Rotation - Continuous, Divided, Black in White  © teamLab

WAttention Tokyo Vol. 32

  • Mysterious Tokyo: Bordering the Supernatural World
  • From Edo Castle to the Imperial Palace: The History of the Heart of Tokyo


WAttention Tokyo Vol. 31

  • The Lasting Flavor of Edo’s Culinary Culture


WAttention Tokyo Vol. 20:
Nihonbashi Special

  • Nihombashi Walkabouti
  • Centuries of Craftsmanship
  • Tastes of Tradition