Don’t fret! Japan doesn’t have any abominable snowmen; just beautiful, amazing frost covered trees known colloquially as “snow monsters” scattered throughout the Tohoku region.

Aomari’s “Mt. Hakkoda” in Aomori-shi

Mt. Hakkoda in Aomori Shi

A skiier’s paradise, Mt. Hakkoda in Aomori is a great getaway for those looking to experience some of the best slopes that Japan has. Riding down the hills with gorgeous snow monsters lining the way is something any winter sports enthusiast will surely treasure. Mt. Hakkoda is easily accessible by ropeway.

60-min ride from JR Aomori Station or JR Shin-Aomori Station Bus Stop to Hakkoda Ropeway Base Station
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Hakkoda Ropeway
Address: 1 – 12, Kansuizawa, Arakawa, Aomori-shi, Aomori-ken, Japan 030-0188
Tel: (017) 738 – 0343
Email: [email protected]

Yamagata’s “Zao” in Yamagata-Shi

Zao in Yamagata Shi

The snow monsters in Zao, Yamagata feature beautiful illumination, amplifying their luminescence and splendor, shining silver during the day and full of other colors gleaming in the darkness at night. You can take the ropeway and the gondola to reach the top of the mountain from Zao Onsen.

45-min bus ride from JR Yamagata Station to Zao Onsen
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Zao Onsen
Address: Zaoonsen, Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture 990-2301

Akita’s “Mt. Moriyoshi” in Kitaakita-shi

Mt Moriyoshi in Kitaakita-shi 

Just a quick walk from the top of the Ani gondola, Mt. Moriyoshi in Akita boasts a plethora of breathtaking Maries’ firs, glistening with frost as beautiful snow monsters. Come lose yourself in this amazing winter wonderland.

100-min ride from Kakunodate Station until Mt. Moriyoshi Ani Ski Resort
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Mt. Moriyoshi Ani Ski Resort
Address:79-5 Anikaginodaki, Kitaakita-shi, Akita-ken 018-4624  
Tel: +81 186-82-3311



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