Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Chichibu Welcomes All

Chichibu Welcomes All - Heartfelt invitation to you - beyond mere words -

About Chichibu Welcomes All Project

In order to give foreign tourists a warm welcome, Chichibu Omotenashi Tourism Organization will launch the “CHICHIBU WELCOMES ALL Heartfelt Invitation to you – Beyond mere words -” promotional event from end of January 2020.

Foreign tourists who visit Chichibu City, Yokoze Town, Minano Town, Nagatoro Town, and Ogano Town during the duration of the event and shop at participating stores are entitled to special gifts or discounts by simply scanning a QR code within the store and presenting it! Look forward to a trip filled with surprises!

More About Chichibu

The Best Things to do in the Suburbs of Tokyo

The Best Things to do in the Suburbs of Tokyo. Nature, Anime, History and Food. CHICHIBU: Visit the historic shrines and temples.

Visit the historic shrines and temples-Chichibu

Chichibu city surrounded by mountains, such as Mt. Buko with most of its natural areas a designated natural park. And also, it is a home to a swath of rich heritage including many ancient shrines and temples.

Meisen – The Funky Kimono

The “Meisen” style silk kimono was the most popular garment during the 1920’s and 1930’s when people still wore kimono daily.

Maple Hunting In Saitama: Nagatoro

Located along the Arakawa river in the mountains of the Chichibu area in Saitama Prefecture, is the town of Nagatoro, a picturesque nature paradise that flaunts its assets throughout the year.

A Day Trip from Tokyo: Chichibu

Speaking of tourist destinations on the Seibu Railway network, Chichibu and Kawagoe are by far the most well known.

Chichibu Soul Food & Shrine Tour

Just 90 minutes by train from Tokyo lies the bucolic town of Chichibu, that with its abundant nature consisting of mountains and rivers, makes for a pleasant day trip to escape the hustle and bustle of life in the metropolis.

Flower hills of Chichibu

Chichibu is located in Saitama prefecture, less than 80 minutes away from the capital by train. Anyone in need of a green escape from the concrete buildings of Tokyo will enjoy a day trip to Chichibu.

Get On The Right Train!

Designed by world-renowned architect Kazuyo Sejima, Laview features a distinctively round front, spacious cars, luxury seats that come with electrical outlets, and free Wi-Fi throughout the train.

Have fun and save on your travel expenses with fukko-wari discount

The Japanese government recently introduced a subsidization program called fukko-wari (post-disaster recovery discount), hoping to attract tourists into cities and towns previously stricken by natural disasters.

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