The most expensive and luxurious area of Tokyo just got a sparkling new addition – The GATE Hotel by Hulic. This hotel in the heart of Ginza aims to be the guests’ gateway to the city, offering great access from both Ginza station and Yurakucho station. Their clever logo visually resembles both a gate and a hotel building, while also taking the form of the Chinese character for ‘gate’ (門、’mon’). The elegant logo is imprinted on the hotel’s original nightwear, room amenities etc.

The hotel’s bar, restaurant, terraces and even the gym, overlook the constantly bustling Ginza intersection, offering amazing views both by day and night. The bar and restaurant are accessible to anyone, however, the rooftop Premium Lounge area overlooking Tokyo is for staying guests only. Another rooftop spot with a stunning view in The GATE Hotel is the Teppanyaki yasuma restaurant.

The GATE Hotel by Hulic Opening Party

The GATE Hotel official opened for guests on December 14th 2018. A few days prior they hosted an opening party, giving visitors a glimpse of the hotel amenities, services and the delicious dishes prepared by the kitchen staff.

They boast fresh ingredients and are especially proud of their Eggs Benedict breakfast which they wholeheartedly recommend. You don’t even have to be a staying guest, as breakfast is open to any customer. The hotel also has an array of original products like for instance their own blend coffee and The Gate Curry which you can also buy prepackaged and take it home.

the gate opening party

The GATE Hotel by Hulic Interior Design and Rooms 

As to be expected for a hotel in Ginza, The GATE Hotel wows with its modern design, elegant and swanky, with minimalist touches of art.

The rooms of the GATE Hotel cater to all kinds of needs and guests, from the visitors who travel in style, to the professionals who come to the city for work. This is particularly obvious in the rooms featuring standing desks for work, a fairly recent trend.

The rooms come with many amenities, from coffee and water, to branded toiletries. Even the light near the bed in some of the rooms serves a purpose, and its strength and color can be adjusted at will. Many of the rooms have a city view, and the urban dense Ginza does not dissappoint when it comes to cityscapes.

Things to do around Ginza

Ginza is Tokyo’s answer to Paris at the beginning of the 20th centuriy and that connection can be felt to this day. Ginza is full of Taisho and Showa era gems, remnants of the days when the brightest artists and writers were gathering at the first cafes in Japan, which were in Ginza. Steeped in culture, Ginza is also home to many galleries and theaters, the Kabuki-za being one of the most notable ones for its beautiful architecture.


No matter how late it gets, Ginza is bustling with nightlife, from nostalgic izakayas, to ultra modern restaurants. And once daylight breaks, it’s a whole array of shopping options, with some of the world’s most exclusive brands found here. There is something to do in Ginza around the clock and there is something for everyone. And for those who want stay in Ginza, as the GATE Hotel by Hulic say on their website: “Our GATE is always open”.



Zoria April
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