Aomori's Aoni Hot Spring Resort, Lamp-no-Yado Aoni Onsen
Entrance to the “Kenroku-no-Yu” bath. Light pours into the impressive Aomori cypress wood bathhouse.

The Friendly, At-Home Lamp Inn of Aoni Hot Spring Resort

Lamp-no-Yado Aoni Onsen

Hidden in the forest of Mt. Hakkoda is the hot spring inn Lamp-no-Yado Aoni Onsen. At the inn, you’ll get no cell phone signal, and there are no TVs either. At night, it’s lit by slightly dim lamps, creating a soothing ambiance. The sense of each moment slowly passing by can be a little disquieting at first, but the solitude and lack of distractions help bring you closer to the people you’re staying with as well as connect with nature.

Evening and morning meals served in the dining room. Enjoy local flavors such as wild plants and deep-fried minced squid.

Springs from Necessity to Luxury at Lamp-no-Yado Aoni Onsen

The mixed open-air bath. There’s also a women-only time.

Long ago, the spring waters that flow up from the bank of Aoni River were used by people working in the mountains. About 90 years ago, the poet Yogaku Niwa built a cabin where Lamp-no-Yado stands now. Over time, the cabin evolved into an inn. The waters at Lamp-no-Yado are from a nice, simple hot spring. The water is mildly warm, so you can have a long, relaxing soak in any of its four baths.

A Soothing Outdoor Bath Experience in the Mountains of Kuroishi

Left) The “Takimi-no-Yu” bath. Its mildly-warm water is perfect for long soaks watching the nearby waterfall.
Right) The inn’s about 200 lamps are cleaned daily.

The wooden cypress bathhouse and the open-air bath are beautifully built add to the comfortable atmosphere. With a view of the nearby waterfall, complete relaxation among nature’s beauty is easy.

When you soak in a bath in dim lighting, it heightens the sounds and smells of the hot spring, as the scent of the water tickles your nose. In the morning, as you wake, you’ll be in awe of the luminance of the natural sunlight pouring in through your room’s windows. At Lamp-no-Yado, limiting yourself from usual conveniences will free you up to experience to new sensations.

How to Get to the Secluded Lamp-no-Yado Aoni Onsen in Aomori, Japan

Though situated in a secluded area in northern Japan, Lamp-no-Yado Aoni Onsen is well-worth a visit, especially for those seeking to reconnect with nature and fully relax.

Lamp-no-Yado Aoni Onsen Information

Address: 1-7 Takinoue, Aonisawa, Okiura, Kuroishi City, Aomori Prefecture
Tel: 0172-54-8588
Access: From the JR Ohu Line Hirosaki Station, take the Konan Railway to Kuroishi Station (about 30min). Get off there and take the Konan Bus to the Michi-no-eki Nijinoko stop (about 40min). There you can take a free shuttle bus to the inn. (In summer, there are four shuttle buses per day.)

Price: 1 night/ 2 meal packages start from 12,250 JPY. Admission for bath-only guests is 600 JPY. (Baths available from 10:00-15:00)


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