Kanto is located on Japan’s Honshu island and consists of seven prefectures: Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa. As the most densely populated area in Japan, Kanto, especially Tokyo, is the hub of culture and home to striking contrasts of modern urban advances, historical traditions and natural landscapes big and small.

 Ibaraki Prefecture : Spots 1 ~ 6

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4 Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge
Mid to late November

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 Tochigi Prefecture : Spots 7 ~ 12

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8 Kawaji Onsen
Mid October to mid November
11 Lake Chuzenji
Early to mid October

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 Gunma Prefecture : Spots 13 ~ 20

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13 Fukiware-no-taki Falls
Late October to early November
18 Kajika Bridge Illumination
Oct 25 – Nov 13
20 Megane Bashi
Early to mid November

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 Saitama Prefecture : Spots 21 ~ 27

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21 Nagatoro
Mid to late November
23 Nakatsu Ravine
End of October to early November
26 Torii Kannon
Early to mid November

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 Chiba Prefecture : Spots 28 ~ 32

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30 Lake Kameyama
End of November to early December
32 Yomogi Fudo Falls
Mid November to early December

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 Tokyo : Spots 33 ~ 46

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38 Showa Memorial Park
Early November to early December
42 Mount Takao
Middle of November
45 Okutama
Early to mid November

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 Kanagawa Prefecture : Spots 47 ~ 54

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49 Lake Ashi
Early November
54 Sankeien Garden
Mid November to early December

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