Uncover the many treasures of Nagano

From breathtaking nature to fascinating historical treasures, Nagano City is one of the most impressive cities in Japan. As the capital and largest city in the Nagano prefecture, this legendary temple town has a lot to live up to, and it delivers on every front. Majestic mountain ranges and traditional Japanese buildings almost make the city seem misplaced in time and space, but, in reality, Nagano City is only 1.5 hours west of the busy Tokyo metropolis by shinkansen. Its convenient access is just one more reason to visit, in addition to its dreamlike scenery, refreshing climate, and exciting culture.

Nagano city even brings delicious food to the table. Local dishes and snacks like Shinshu soba made from buckwheat, sweet-bean-filled Oyaki, and the pickled nozawa-zuke satisfy hungry Nagano-ites and visitors alike. Foodies, history buffs, sports fans, artists, outdoor enthusiasts — Nagano truly has something for everyone.

Recommended Plan

Nagano Station
▶Approx.5min by bus
・Exploring around Zenkoji Temple and Monzen-machi
・Cultural experience at Daikanjin Temple
Stay at Shukubou around Zenkoji Temple
・O-asaji – morning services at Zenkoji Temple
・Cultural experience at Omotesando
▶Approx.15min on foot
・Shopping at Station building MIDORI
Nagano Station

Nagano Station
▶Approx.60min by bus
Togakushi Area
・Togakushi Jinja Shrine
・Togakushi Ninja Museum
・Chibikko Ninja Village or Forest Adventure

▶Approx.60min by bus
Nagano Station

Nagano Station
▶Approx.30 min by bus
Matsushiro Area
・Site of Matsushiro Castle
・Sanada Treasure Museum
・Sanada Residence
・Bunbu Gakko (Samurai School)
・Cultural experience at the samurai house

▶Approx.30min by bus
Nagano Station




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