Homeland of The Akita Dog Sniffing Out The Hidden Spots

When the story of Hachi was made into a Hollywood movie starring Richard Gere, the Akita dog breed became famous almost overnight. Remembered for his unwavering loyalty, you can visit Shibuya Station to see the bronze Hachiko statue or even travel to his hometown in Odate City, Akita Prefecture to learn more about him. The city, along with the surrounding areas of Kosaka, Kitaakita and Kamikoani, offers picturesque scenery and tons of mouth-watering delicacies to be enjoyed.


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Get to know Akita Dogs

In 1931, the Akita dog, a breed native to northern Japan was designated a natural monument by the Japanese government. Best known for its loyalty, obedience and intelligence, this breed of hunting dogs are normally reddish-brown, white, or brindle in colour. 

Spectacular Scenery to Ensnare Your Senses

From the breathtaking views of Lake Towada to the secret attractions found inland, Akita’s natural scenery is unrivaled and resembles a picture from a postcard.

Joyous and Unforgettable Travel Experiences

Cast yourself into the authentic Japanese culture and way of life by engaging in outdoor activities, and explore the amazing charm of Akita through various experiences and exchanges.

Homeland of the Akita Dog

Relax Your Mind & Body

Odate and the Ani-Moriyoshi area are packed with hot spring destinations that not many people know about. These hot spring, formerly frequented by mountain samurai, or matagi in Japanese, are the best way to soak your stress and pains away.

Food & [Souvenirs] Omiyage

Extraordinary gastronomic experiences and souvenirs from Akita’s Odate and Ani-Moriyoshi will enrich your journey and make the voyage a memorable one.

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