In Harmony with the Seasons

Enjoy the calendar of the four seasons Japan has many beautiful four seasons and the blessings of nature from time to time. And many of the Japanese cultures and customs are closely related to the beautiful natural phenomena and calendar of the season. Understanding Japanese culture and customs while listening to the beautiful voices of nature in each season will guide you to experience a richer Japan.

Let's enjoy the beautiful four seasons of Japan

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"Spring" on the calendar is from March to May. In March, the harsh cold gradually eased and flowers began to bloom here and there. Creatures awaken to the thawed water, and life boiled. Among the four seasons, "spring" is the season that many people like, along with autumn.
Enjoy the various spring traditions of Japan.


"Summer" on the calendar is from June to August. After spring and the rainy season, hot summer comes. There are many Japanese summer traditions such as summer festivals and fireworks.
In the sweaty heat, wear a yukata and enjoy the summer in Japan


"Autumn" on the calendar is from September to November. The Japanese have always loved autumn. The sound of autumn, the light of autumn, the breeze of autumn ... A season in which a little loneliness drifts while celebrating the harvest.
Enjoy the beautiful autumn colors and clear air of autumn in Japan.


"Winter" on the calendar is from December to February. In Japan, you can see various spectacular scenery in each season, but you can see beautiful scenery in winter.
Enjoy Japanese culture celebrating the New Year in the cold