Japan Winter Special 2016

snow-headerWhether you’re wanting to snap photogenic scenery, ski in feather-light powder snow, munch on steamy oden and ramen, or just relax with the locals in an outdoor hot spring overlooking the snowy mountains; Japan is the perfect place to enjoy winter to its fullest.

WAttention brings you a selection of our best winter articles to help you plan your winter getaway in Japan.

Winter Sports


Ski in Japan: Resorts Near Tokyo

Here are our picks for slopes near Tokyo that will give you a satisfyingly ski-filled day trip and still leave you time to head back to Tokyo…

Furano Ski Area

Onsen in Winter


Gora Hot Spring – Gora Tensui

Private-use hot springs: Yes; Rooms with open-air baths: Yes; Take a picturesque ride along the Hakone Tozan Railway to its final stop, Gora,…

Winter Washoku


A Taste Of Sh旬n: Anglerfish Hotpot

The ankou, or anglerfish, is one of those grotesque deep sea creatures (not unlike the hoya) that one wouldn’t fathom putting in one’s mouth. But the ankou is a winter delicacy that…

BQpedia: Oden
Dish Introduction
In Harmony with the Seasons: Zoni
Winter Food Culture
Taste of Northern Tohoku
Regional Food

Winter Events & Traditions


Yokote Kamakura (Snow Huts)

Playing in snow huts is a popular pastime in winter for children living in the heavy snowfall areas. They make snow huts called “Kamakura ” in which they play games and eat traditional delicacies…

Join the Kase-dori Festival
Winter Festival
Sapporo Snow Festival
Winter Festival

Out and About


Abashiri Ice Breaker Cruise

Abashiri is a major tourist destination in winter. Its shores by the Okhotsk sea are the southernmost point where the ocean freezes….