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Many Japanese people believe that using an air conditioning while sleeping is not good for your health. Sometimes the air gets so dry and other times it just gets too cold. So, what do they do to get a good night sleep during steaming hot summer nights? Tokyu Hands has the answers!

rankNo.1: ICEMAX Extra, Pillow Pad®


Made with a special patented fabric that dissipates heat and dries quickly, the pillow pad keeps your head cool and comfortable during the steamy summer nights. A mesh material is used for the back lining, which helps release moisture as well. When used with an air-conditioner, the pillow feels cool to the touch and keeps that quality throughout the night. Without a doubt, this will enhance the quality of your sleep and you’ll wake up well rested in the morning. Machine washable. Size: 50cm x 50cm. Material: Polyethylene (80%), Cupro (20%). Back lining material: Polyester (100%).

Product Name: ICEMAX Extra, Pillow Pad®
Price: 3,758 yen (including tax)
Category: Sleeping goods
WAttention Editor’s comment: “It looks like just an ordinary pillow cover, but the benefits are enormous. This is a quick and easy solution to combat hot summer!”

rankNo.2: Tsuhan Seikatsu, Gauze Pajamas for Women


A long selling product for over 18 years, these pajamas just went through a makeover. The new design offers reversible tops (solid and stripes) with wide sleeves to allow more airflow. No cumbersome buttons or annoying seams. Made with a double layered gauze, these pajamas feel fresh and dry and allows air to go between the layers. Besides, did you know that the breathability of gauze is 9 times more than that of cotton? With these pajamas, you won’t wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. Instead you will be dry, comfortable and refreshed till morning. Machine washable. Material: Cotton (100%). Made in Japan.

Product Name: Tsuhan Seikatsu, Gauze Pajama for Women, Medium length
Price: 8,800 yen (including tax)
Category: Sleep goods
WAttention Editor’s comment: “I like the unisex and ageless design of these Gauze Pajamas. They look good and feel good.”

rankNo. 3: Salaf Bed Padding, Double Size

This three-dimensional bed padding has everything customers are looking for: highly breathable, cushioning property, cold and soft to the touch. Add this to your normal bedding, you can instantly feel the improvement and get a great night’s sleep. Not only that, it’s very easy to clean! Just put it into a laundry mesh bag and machine wash as usual.

Product Name: Salaf, Bed Padding, Double Size, SC-140
Price: 21,600 yen (including tax)
Category: Sleeping goods
WAttention Editor’s comment: “We sweat more than we think while sleeping, so a quick drying quality is extremely helpful and sanitary!”

rankNo. 4: Suhada-sou: Smooth and Dry Pillow


A rush grass pillow made by a traditional Tatami product manufacturer with over 130 years of history. The smell of fresh grass relaxes your body and soul, which is why this type of pillow has been favored in Japan for a long time. While most of the rush grass is usually dyed with chemicals, Suhada-sou pillows only use natural grasses. The surface of the pillow is pressed flat so that it will feel smooth and dry. The inside filling is treated with deodorant materials. The height is adjustable with the drawstrings on the side. Size: 30cm x 50cm. Materials: Rush grass, Polyethylene pipes. Made in Japan.

Product Name: Suhada-sou, Smooth and Dry Pillow, 30 x 15cm
Price: 2,138 yen (including tax)
Category: Sleeping goods
WAttention Editor’s comment: “The rush grass pillow has a natural refreshing aroma which will put you at ease instantly.”

rankNo. 5: ICEMAX, Long Underpants for Gentlemen®


These underpants are made with a high strength polyethylene fiber known as Dyneema. If the room temperature is lower than 29 degrees Celsius and there is some air movement, the fiber gives you a wonderful sensation of coldness. The material also contains cotton, so any sweat and moisture will be absorbed and keep your skin dry and smooth. Made in Japan. Material: Polyethylene (60%), Cotton (40%). Size: L or LL.

Product Name: ICEMAX Long Underpants for Gentlemen®, LL
Price: 10,584 yen (including tax)
Category: Underwear
WAttention Editor’s comment: “More often than not, long underpants are very form-fitting. But these underpants are loose-fitting to allow more airflow.”

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