Even in the middle of winter, Japan finds a way to warm our hearts with charming illuminations and Christmas events for friends and families to enjoy throughout the season. Though Tokyo nights are already brightly lit under the ever-present neon lights, the gently glow of the city’s illuminations still manage to completely transform the atmosphere. If you are in Japan, be sure to check out some of these exciting places and celebrate the winter season!

International Christmas in Roppongi Hills

As expected, the high-rolling streets of Roppongi bring a certain class to the annual illuminations with dazzling colors shimmering at the foot of towering skyscrapers. Visit the Christmas Market which recreates the atmosphere of Stuttgart, Germany and find authentic cuisine and German Christmas goods.

Roppongi Hills Christmas 2022

Envisioning a Brighter Future at Marunouchi Illuminations 2022

Marunouchi’s Illuminations which magnificently light up the Tokyo Station area will light up the area with even 1,200,000 champagne-gold LED lights gently glowing from the tree branches. The illuminations will be powered by green energy.

Marunouchi Illuminations 2022

Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2022 Yuming 50th Banzai!

Exciting Moments in Hibiya

Get into the festive spirit this holiday season with some groundbreaking illuminations in the heart of Tokyo. Trees and greenery and stairs along the Hibiya streets are twinkling bright with mesmerizing colors from nature. The theme this year is “exciting moments” and takes inspiration from the Northern Lights. Keep an eye out for 7 special ornaments that are said to bring good luck as you stroll through the intricately-lighted cityscape. Can you find them all?

Hibiya Magic Time Illumination 2022

Holiday Cheer in Omotesando

Omotesando has always been synonymous with style and cutting-edge technology, and their stylish illuminations for the holiday season doesn’t disappoint. From the one-thousand illuminated zelkova trees lining the famous avenue to the ethereal crystal tree illumination at Omotesando Hills, Omotesando Illumination bridges the gap between storied Japanese tradition and modern international charm. 

Omotesando Illumination 2022

Exquisite Christmas Time in Ebisu

Celebrating hundreds of years of tradition, Baccarat and Ebisu paired up to bring a joyous and lavish experience for visitors to Yebisu Garden Place. See the awe-inspiring Baccarat chandelier in all its glory illuminated in the evening.

Yebisu Garden Place Baccarat Eternal Lights

ShinagawaIllumination for the Holidays

The family-oriented, yet romantic atmosphere, makes the Tokyo Mega Illumination in Shinagawa one of the top-visited places in Tokyo for the holidays. Famous for its horse shows, it’s a great escape from the hustle and bustle. This year features several newly renewed exhibits including a laser fountain show, an aurora forest and a majestic, healing light tree are just a few of the attractions added to an already outstanding selection.

Tokyo Mega Illumination 2022

Shibuya Pops in Blue and Purple

Shibuya is popular for many reasons, drawing large crowds for holidays and events. Most notably in recent years is the Halloween celebration at Shibuya Crossing. Now it is time for Christmas to entertain Shibuya pedestrians with a dazzling display of purple lights.

Miyashita Christmas Park 2022

Shibuya Ao no Dokutsu 2022