Activity Japan is a Japan-based online booking platform for local tours and activities across Japan for Japanese and overseas visitors. The company was founded in early 2016 with the idea of offering simple ways to discover attractions, activities, and things to do in Japan as you travel. Activity Japan understands that it can be difficult to uncover authentic experiences in a foreign destination, and that’s why it’s extending a helping hand to you.

Introducing Activity Japan

The most authentic and useful information is often buried, scattered and at times in a language that you may not understand. It can also be quite difficult to choose the best activities and places to visit especially if you don’t have local contacts or friends. For some years now, Activity Japan has taken time to uncover and curate some of the best experiences all the way from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Activity Japan currently includes over 13,552 activities across Japan and has partnered with more than 3,070 suppliers to facilitate some of their services as of June 2018. The company covers pretty much all the destination in Japan –from Hokkaido to Okinawa –including even the most remote islands.

The company has so far served visitors from over 50 countries, especially the English-speaking countries such as USA, Australia, Singapore and Chinese-speaking countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. Activity Japan offers its services in four languages and will increase in the near future. The website offers Japanese, Chinese, English, and Thai Languages. They have a multilingual customer support which will help you with your booking until your date of experience.

The ultimate goal of the company is to become Asia’s No.1 Online Travel Agency that specializes in Activities. It also envisions to make all customers from all over the world happy through various activities. One of the factors that separate Activity Japan from its competitors is the fact that they are a group company of H.I.S. This means that they can provide their service to a wide range global customers using their networks such as the H.I.S. stores and outside OTAs.

The 10 best things to do with Activity Japan

Discover everything Japan has to offer with this insider’s guide on the 10 top best things to do in Japan.

Below is a countdown of 10 best things that you and your friends and family could be experiencing.
Please note that the below list is not extensive of what Activity Japan has to offer and therefore you should check the website for further information:


This may sound like a fairly odd activity, but it is actually very popular with Japanese locals and tourists.

Japan is home to some of the best foods and tastes around the world. You simply cannot visit a country like this without experiencing some of the finest tastings of your life.

If you are a lover of fruit kingdoms, then browse the site for more information around this Japanese experience, including:


Moving on from a slightly calm and relaxed experience, now enter the world of excitement, adrenaline, and entertainment. This is one of the locals and tourists’ favorite adventures when signing up to Activity Japan.

The term mountain activities’ instantly creates this idea of excitement via an adrenaline-filled activity. No wonder it goes down well with everyone, don’t you think?

Below is a list of some of the main mountain activities that you could be doing at Activity Japan:

That all sounds rather exciting, wouldn’t you agree?

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Tours are a great way to discover a country’s culture, heritage, and pastimes. Activity Japan offers an array of tours all around Japan to ensure that you go away feeling fully educated and immersed with the Japanese culture and its history.

Some of the tours on offer include the following:

For a full breakdown of all the touring experiences that you can book up and get involved with can be found on the official Activity Japan website.

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Another adrenaline-filled activity that you can get involved with is aerial sports. These include sports such as:

Nothing beats seeing Japan from up high, in the sky, enjoying the beautiful landscapes, architects and its cultures from afar.

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Let’s step away from the fast-paced and adrenaline-type experiences, and let’s look at another simple activity that you can get involved with – cooking!

Japan is renowned for its fantastic Japanese dishes. From sushi to udon making experiences, you will be sure to heighten your taste buds from the moment you get involved with Activity Japan’s food manufacturing experiences.

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Another key activity that you and your friends can enjoy is fitness activities. Health and fitness is important for a lot of people nowadays. That is why Activity Japan includes fitness classes from yoga, bouldering, dance classes and relaxation experiences to ensure that you leave Japan feeling fully refreshed and happier.


Arts and crafts is another activity that makes it on to our list of best things to do in Japan. Part of Japanese culture is this idea of brightly manufactured objects and clothes.

Gain an insight into Japanese artistic flairs and experiences including:

Japan has some of the most versatile artists in the world, expanding through time and adapting from nearly major artistic movement. Historically Japanese art is known for its ability to adapt the artistic styles of others, especially the ancient Chinese arts. Even still, Japan has found its own voice among the crown. Don’t forget to check WAttention ART Archives.


This activity ties in very nicely with number 7 and 8. Everyone loves to go sightseeing. However, what makes this activity even more fun is doing it from a unique vehicle.

Get involved with seeing Japan from any of the below vehicles:

Hot air balloons;

Limo rental;

Car rentals;

All Terrain Vehicles;

Segway and many more…

Experience Japan in a unique, fun, and exciting way!

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When visiting a country that you’ve never been to before, a lot of people like to experience their way of life and their culture. Activity Japan ensures that people can embark on Japanese experiences to really get them into the eel’ of things.

Japanese cultural experiences include:

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The number one activity that is considered the best (and probably most fun) experience to get involved with – water sports!

Activity Japan has a huge focus on water sports simply because of its popularity with everyone. From river sports to beach activities in the water, there is guaranteed to be something there for everyone.

Below is a substantial list of activities and events to give you some idea of the range of water sports Activity Japan has to offer:

Can you see now why water sports has made it the number one activity of things to do in Japan?

Why choose Activity Japan?

Easy Booking in 3 steps: booking an activity has been made extremely easy and straightforward. There is a calendar displayed on each of the plan detail pages with available reservation dates.All you need is to click on your preferred date and put your simple booking information.

Reliable Customer Support: as earlier mentioned, the company offers Multilingual customer support in 2 languages i.e. Japanese, English. They will take you through the booking process until your date of experience.

Discounts: the company offers special coupons and points that you can use to get discounts on various activities. Other than discounts, their prices are relatively low and pocket-friendly.

Amazing activities: Activity Japan is passionate about uncovering hidden treasures, and they have explored different destinations to identify experiences that you can’t possibly find on your own. You will get to choose from over 13,552 activities with the able guidance and help of experienced company tour guides. (as of June 2018)

So if you’re looking for things to do in Japan, whether its outdoor activities, Japan Cultural experiences or handcrafting in Japan, you can count on Activity Japan to deliver. The best part about the activities offered is that they cater for all ages. There’re plenty of family-friendly activities and no family member will miss the fun.