Saitama, Japan makes a great day trip from Tokyo. Although Saitama Prefecture neighbors Tokyo, it has its own personality that makes it worth a visit. With rustic towns like Kawagoe, or Little Edo, Saitama preserves Japanese history and culture. On the other hand, it is also constantly transforming. To see a unique view in Japan’s past and future, take a day trip for Tokyo to Saitama!

When you reach Saitama from Tokyo on a casual day trip, you will immediately notice that there is more to this sprawling city than you may have expected. The highlights of Saitama City’s booming skyline include Saitama Shintoshin Station, high-rise skyscrapers, Saitama Super Arena and COCOON CITY.


Saitama’s Transforming Landscape

The fields of Saitama City’s Minuma-ku commands a great view of the fast growing Shintoshin, which means “the new heart of the city” in Japanese. Believe it or not, you can actually feel the metamorphosis taking place right here. Take the walking trail recommended by locals to view this city in a refreshing new way. You’ll be surprised by just how much this city in the Tokyo suburbs is growing. You may wonder if you need to spend too much time in Tokyo at all with how much Saitama City offers! It’s only growing, so we are excited to see how Saitama City’s landscape will continue to change in the future and attract more visitors for a day trip from Tokyo

Latest Fashion News All in COCOON CITY

7 Cocoon city

COCOON CITY is a mega shopping complex close to Saitama Shintoshin Station. Consisting of three large shopping buildings and two spacious parking areas, the mall offers all kinds of shopping options and entertainment activities to make sure everyone has a great time. For a glimpse into local cuisine and fashion, you can’t go wrong with COCOON CITY!

You’ll find the latest fashion news in CACCOON CITY in Saitama, Japan.

Misono: A Developing District


In recent years, The Saitama City Government has made great efforts to transform vast areas of land into welcoming landscapes. The reformation of Misono, a 320 hectare area neighboring Urawamisono Station, is in full swing and will turn the area into the next sub-city centre in on time, with a focus on sports, health, environment and resources.

The concept behind Misono Wing City is to make productive use of land resources, improve quality of life and create a more livable community. To bring the project to fruition and integrate suggestions from both the public and private sectors, Urban Design Center Misono: UDCMi was set up. Construction work was carried out from 1994-2014. It will be finished between 2021-2026, so look forward to experiencing the finished project in Saitama, Japan! It is just one more reason to make Saitama a day trip destination from Tokyo.