Tokushima City

Dance your Heart Out at “Tokushima, the City of Water” and the Awa Odori!

You can’t mention Tokushima without thinking of the famous Awa Odori. For four days in summer, from August 12 to August 15, Tokushima is full of dancers performing for Awa Odori. Unfortunately, the Awa Odori in 2020 was canceled due to the spread of COVID-19, but we hope you enjoy the festivities this year. We are all waiting for your visit here in Tokushima, home of the Awa Odori.

Dye with Indigo and Experience the Joys of Japan's No.1 Summer Dance Hotspot

Tokushima City is the birthplace of Japan’s No. 1 summer dance festival, the over-400-year-old “Awa Odori,” which represents traditional Japanese culture. Also, Tokushima has many other attractions provided by the area’s unique climate and history, including a nationally designated important intangible cultural property puppet performance art called “Awa Ningyo Joruri,” the local “Aizome” indigo dyeing industry that produces the recognizable “Japan Blue” hue, beautifully crafted “Yusan-bako” stacked hand-held lunch boxes,  local gourmet, “Tokushima Ramen,” and the scenic “Hyotanjima Riverboat Cruise”.

Awa Ningyo Joruri
Important intangible cultural property puppet performance art called “Awa Ningyo Joruri”
Aizome indigo dying
The local “Aizome” indigo dying
Beautifully crafted “Yusan-bako” stacked hand-held lunch boxes
Hyotanjima Riverboat Cruise
Scenic “Hyotanjima Riverboat Cruise”.
Tokushima Ramen
Local “Tokushima Ramen” gourmet

We have gathered the charm of “Tokushima, the city of water” from all around, so please visit and have a look!

Tokushima city Tourism Division