Tokyo’s classy hill

Tokyo boasts an almost uncountable amount of shopping and dining districts. Kagurazaka is not only one of the most authentic and chic, but also definitely the most French district. 
Two French schools are located in the neighborhood, and so the area has a significant French population, and you will find many fancy French brasseries next to the long established Japanese restaurants with traditional facades. This fusion display differentiates Kagurazaka from Tokyo’s many other districts.

Whilst located in the middle of Tokyo, Kagurazaka is blessed by a cozy and laid-back atmosphere with leafy trees lined up along the main street. Regardless from the time of the day, the district is ideal for shopping, dining, or just to take a stroll.

By venturing into the narrow side alleys, you can discover a more authentic Kagurazaka. You might even stumble upon geisha houses that take you back to an older Tokyo, …with probably a French brasserie next to them!

As one of Tokyo’s more old-fashioned districts, the noodle to slurp in Kagurazaka is not ramen nor udon. Soba is the specialty here, and you will pass a wide array of long established soba restaurants as you stroll.


  1. […] Today, soba noodles might stand in the shadow of the almighty ramen, but in eastern Japan, soba have been the major type of noodle for centuries. Compared to udon which is more popular in western Japan, soba tends to be less internationally recognized, but for those that want to get a deeper taste of eastern Japan, slurping soba is an experience not to be missed. A great restaurant to do so in Tokyo, is Kyuzuryu Soba, a chic soba restaurant located in a narrow but picturesque alley of Kagurazaka. […]