The Japanese summer is very hot and humid. In fact, Tokyo’s hottest month, August, sees average temperatures of 31 degrees Celsius (87 degrees Fahrenheit) each day! In addition, to the scorching sun, humidity in Tokyo ranges from 78% to 83%, making Japanese summer survival a real struggle. But don’t lose hope! Here are five items for Japanese summer survival to ensure your victory over the heat.

Japanese summer survival item 1: Japanese sunscreen

Japanese are very keen on keeping their skin light, so their sunscreen is made to answer their Japanese summer survival needs. Also, it’s good for your health! When you buy sunscreen in Japan you may notice that it has a more gel-like consistency than the sunscreen you’re used to. This is because they are made to be as light and effective as possible so you can apply layers again and again during the day without it being noticeable. On top of that, many of the regular sunscreens can also be used on the sensitive skin on your face. So lather on that sunscreen and protect your skin!

Japanese summer survival: sunscreen

Many sunscreens might have descriptions like “water gel” and “water”, but that doesn’t mean they are water-resistant. The water aspect only refers to the consistency of the product.

Japanese summer survival item 2: Air conditioning

Almost every home is equipped with one and you will soon notice this magical device is a lifesaver and key for Japanese summer survival. Providing heat in the winter and a cool breeze in the summer, the air conditioners in Japan can’t get enough love and praise. You can decide the strength and direction of the breeze so you can relax in comfort. If you don’t have an air conditioner at home then you can make it a sport to hope from store to store until you make it home to your air conditioner-less environment and you can always buy an electric fan that will do the job just fine.

Japanese summer survival air conditioning

Japanese summer survival item 3: Strange ice cream

Japan has its fair share of strange ice cream and it’s both surprising and refreshing at the same time. The land of the rising sun has many unusual flavors such as wasabi, napolitan pasta, fish and many more. Other very Japanese ways to cool down while indulging in sweets are with kakigori (shaved ice) or a slice of watermelon. It is certainly the tastiest tool for Japanese summer survival! Also there is soba and cold ramen, hiyashi chuka, to keep you cool in the intense heat.

Japanese summer survival: Miso-Ice-Cream-resize

Japanese summer survival item 4: Deodorizing sheets

All the heat and humidity will make you sweat, so luckily you have these deodorizing sheets. These amazing sheets look and feel like wet wipes but take care of your sweat, prevent you from sweating more and leave a nice scent. How amazing is that! So not only is it good for Japanese summer survival, it is also important for keeping your social life alive! Even after walking around in the brutal heat, you won’t be repelling anyone away with your odor. You can buy these in different scents and brands at the convenience store or drugstore. Be sure to try these when you come to Japan.

Japanese summer survival: sarasara

Japanese summer survival item 5: Mosquito repellent

Every summer Japan gets visited by an insane amount of mosquitoes. If you plan a day out hiking or anywhere where it’s green, be sure to carry some repellent. You can buy these in a pharmacy, drug store or convenience store. Besides the type to spray on your body, there are other products to keep mosquitoes away from your living space. Try a “mosquito pad” or a “mosquito coil”. To make things extra cute, you can put your mosquito coil inside the traditional “ceramic mosquito coil pig”. When lit, the smoke will escape from its nose, sending the bugs flying away. It makes Japanese summer survival much easier!

Japanese summer survival: insects

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