Yamagata Adventure (4) – Nakano Sake Shop

Right beside the Dewazakura Sake Brewery is the Nakano Sake Shop, which sells all the popular beverages produced in the brewery.



Dewazakura Sake Brewery was founded in 1892 and due to its long tradition, experience and excellent quality, the company received gold and bronze awards in the sake category during the “International Wine Challenge” in 2008.

We had the chance to taste the gold prize-winning sake called Ichiro, and we immediately came to the conclusion why this one has to be the best-seller of the brewery. It has a fresh flavor of grapefruit, lime and cantaloupe and was very delicious.

The Champion Sake comes in a 720ml bottle and costs 3,024 yen.


Since Yamagata is famous for its fruit growing culture, the brewery also produces wines based on local fruits like cherries and pears. They also produce special beverage with the twelve zodiac signs. This year being the year of the monkey, the package has a monkey illustration. After finishing the bottle, they recommend to keep the bottle, put glass pearls into it and fill the bottle with water to create a shiny and sparkling interior decoration item.

Besides selling their own products, there are other related products on sale.


The highlight of the shop is the full-scale-model of a liquor store from the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The original poster that is hung on the wall adds the finishing touch.


Nakano Sake Shop
Hours: 9:30am – 5pm (Closed on Monday)
Tel: 0120-59-3010
Access: A 15-min walk from Tendo Station (JR Yamagata Shinkansen)
Address: Hitoichimachi 1-4-12, Tendo-shi, 994-0044 Yamagata
URL: http://www.dewazakura.co.jp/index.htm

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