Iwate Prefecture 11 ~ 18

11 Hachimantai (八幡平) in Hachimantai


First colors: End of September
Color Peak: Beginning of October
Event: Hachimantai Sanzoku Festival
Date: October 15th (Saturday) – October 16th (Sunday)
Access: 1,5hour Iwate Kenpoku Bus ride from JR Morioka Station; 1hour bus ride from Obuke Station (JR Hanawa Line)
Address: Sakura Park Event Hall, Kashiwadai, Hachimantai-shi, 028-7303 Iwate
Ranking: ★★★☆☆

12 Park of Morioka castle – Iwate Park (盛岡城跡公園・岩手公園) in Morioka

First colors: End of October
Color Peak: Beginning of November
Recommended Spots: The bridge which connects the outer citadel and the inner citadel.
Access: 6min bus ride from JR Morioka Station; 25min walk from JR Morioka Station
Address: Uchimaru 1-37, Morioka-shi, 020-0023 Iwate
Ranking: ★★★☆☆


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