Stand at a restaurant counter like a real sushi chef

You love Japanese cuisine and trying out some of Tokyo’s most refined sushi restaurants is not enough for you? Then how about learning how to make sushi yourself at long established sushi restaurant “Tsukiji Tamazushi” located near the famous Tsukiji fish market! A professional chef does not only teach you how to prepare a total of 9 different sushi, but also explains you the history of the kitchen utensils you will be using, and give a lecture on how to properly interracial dating app eat sushi.

Discover the depth of Japanese culture through the art of sushi!

Spot information:

Name: Tsukiji Tamazushi
Price range: 8,000 yen
Location: Tsukiji 2-15-19 Millennium 1 2F, B1, Chuo
Access: A 3-min walk from Tsukiji Station (Hibiya Line)
Note: No English instruction available. If you do not understand Japanese, coming with an interpreter is mandatory.