Known as the Kitchen of the North, Sapporo boasts an endless list of delicious local specialties from ramen and fresh sea food to all sorts of sweets and confectionery. Plan your perfect Hokkaido holiday around gourmet food and get some souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

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Hokkaido Gourmet Miso ramen

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First developed in Sapporo, miso (soybean paste) ramen usually features plenty of hot pork lard to keep your body warm during Hokkaido’s harsh winter. Typically bean sprouts are added to balance the robust and heavy flavor of the soup. If you want to eat like a local, order extra toppings of corn and butter.

Where to Eat Miso Ramen in Hokkaido?
Ramen Sumire
URL: (Japanese only)

Hokkaido Gourmet Soup Curry

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This is a famous local dish that consists of rice and curry-flavored soup with lots of spices and ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, and tender chicken thighs. You can find many restaurants serving this dish around Sapporo, each with its own recipe. Besides eating in, you may as well bring home a microwavable meal of soup curry as a souvenir.

Where to eat Gourmet Soup Curry in Hokkaido?
Soup Curry Cocoro

Hokkaido Gourmet Crabs and Prawns

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Seafood lovers will know that Hokkaido is a land of gourmet delicacies, especially when it comes to seafood. There are three famous crabs in Hokkaido, the King Crab, the Snow Crab, and the Horsehair Crab. The best way to try everything at one sitting is to head for a sumptuous crab buffet that offers not only unlimited crabs but also fresh prawns prepared in various styles such as sushi and deep-fried tempura.

Where to eat Gourmet Crabs and Prawns in Hokkaido?
Ebikani Gassen
URL: (Japanese only)

Hokkaido Gourmet Seafood Rice Bowl

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Donburi Chaya is a seafood donburi (rice bowl) specialty store serving delicious seafood at incredibly low prices in Sapporo. Fresh ingredients are brought in from Nijo Fish Market, which explains why its seafood is so delicious and affordable. Donburi Chaya opens early, at 7:30 a.m., and during lunchtime it’s always packed with locals and tourists. Since it’s located right inside Nijo Fish Market, you can blend in with the lively atmosphere while enjoying a delicious meal!

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Where to eat Gourmet Seafood Rice Bowls in Hokkaido?
Donburi Chaya