1 Fukuda Pottery Works

In the hills of Fukuda, this kiln was established in 1796 and has been passed down from generation to generation. Try making your own pottery from Kasama clay and take a look at the old ceramics that have stood the test of time.

Hours: 9am – 5pm
Admission: Free *Pottery classes by reservation/tel: 0296-72-0670
Address: 754 Shimoichige, Kasama-shi
Access: 10-min from Kasama Station (JR Mito Line) on foot

2 Craft Hills Kasama 

Learn more about the famous Kasama-ware that is renowned throughout Japan for its beauty and strength. During Japan’s golden week, the area is fired up with fans of the craft visiting the annual Himatsuri.

Hours: 10am – 5pm
Admission: Free *Pottery classes by reservation/
http://www.kasama-crafthills.co.jp/taiken/ (Japanese)
Address: 2388-1 Kasama, Kasama-shi
Access: 23-min from Kasama Station (JR Mito Line) on foot

tsumugi no yakata

tsumugi no yakata

3 Tsumugi-no-Yakata

See how the finest silk fabrics were woven in the early Edo period at this traditional textile producer. You can even try it yourself! The silk weaved here is praised as the finest in Japan. Feel free to shop as you learn.

Hours: 9am – 5pm
Admission: Free
Address: 12-2 Ooaza-Yuki, Yuki-shi
Access: 13-min from Yuki Station (JR Mito Line) on foot

Sake Brewery BuyuSake Brewery Buyu4 Sake Brewery Buyu

Get a taste for delicious Japanese sake at this traditional brewery housed in an early Edo period building. The brewery welcomes visitors of all ages and cultures with its sweet, non-alcoholic amazake.

 Hours: 9am – 5pm *Tour by reservation (May to September)/tel: 0296-33-3343
Address: 144 Yuki, Yuki-shi
Access: 9-min from Yuki Station (JR Mito Line) on foot

Kairakuen/Kobuntei Kairakuen/Kobuntei5 Kairakuen Garden / Kobuntei

Home to over 3,000 various kinds of plum trees, this legendary garden is considered one of the top three landscapes in Japan. From mid-February to early-March, when the flowers are in bloom, the annual Mito Plum Festival is held.

Hours (Kobuntei): 9am – 5pm (2/20 – 9/30), 9:30am – 4pm (10/1 – 2/19)
Admission (Kobuntei): 200 yen
Address: 1 Tokiwa-cho, Mito-shi
Access: 4-min from Kairakuen Station (JR Joban Line) on foot


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