Thank you for the interview Magda! Please keep enjoying Japanese sashimi and onigiri.

People from all walks of life from all over the world come to the Shibuya crossing to experience the world’s busiest scramble. In this series, WAttention staff randomly asked foreign Shibuya scramblers what they were doing there and where they are headed for.


From: Germany

In Shibuya to: I came here to visit the hairdresser. I’m actually living in Japan right now.

The Shibuya crossing is: busy, loud and flashy, even though I’ve been on it many times before. It’s truly amazing in its own way. Today, there was a model on the crossing for a photoshoot. I wanted to take a picture but the staff said I wasn’t allowed.

Japan is fascinating because:

There are many things in Japan that still amaze me, the Robot Restaurant for example. I went to Onzawa Onsen in the snow, and it was amazing! It’s a small outdoor bath in the middle of the snow at 2150 meters high. The highest outdoor Onsen in Japan. Truly one of my best experiences in Japan.

After Shibuya I’m:  going to meet my friends and then we’re having a Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) party.


Magda loves onigiri – especially with fish eggs and with salmon. And as for her favorite food in Japan…. It’s sashimi!

“I would like to dye my hair in a crazy color.”