Get around the Seibu Line with the All-you-can-ride Pass

Get around the Seibu Line

with the All-you-can-ride Pass

With the Seibu 1Day Pass and other discount tickets, issued by Seibu Railway, you can hop on and off the Seibu Line as often as you want to experience rich Japanese culture and visit sightseeing gems hidden in the suburbs. The Seibu Lines connect directly to the sacred and traditional places of Kawagoe and Chichibu, where you can enjoy the charm of the Edo period to the fullest. These tickets are the best partner for foreign tourists visiting Japan!

Useful Tickets for Your Trip
Except for the above passes, SEIBU also provides SEIBU 2Day Pass and SEIBU 2Day Pass + Nagatoro tickets. Go to the Seibu Railway Official Website to find more information!
Ticket Information Center

Ikebukuro Station

SEIBU Tourist Information Center Ikebukuro

1F limited-express ticket counter
B1 ticket center

Seibu-Shinjuku Station

Limited-express ticket counter

Illustrated Ticket Information Board

Seibu Railway created a ticket information board in English, Chinese and Thai, which helps tourists easily purchase all kinds of tickets. The board features details about the validity period, the use, and the price of the tickets. Don´t worry if you are not able to understand Japanese, since this new system is the easiest way to start your journey!

Get on the Right Train!

Luxurious limited express train “Laview” sets off toward Chichibu

Often the journey is just as exciting as the destination, and that’s certainly true aboard the “Laview” limited express train, which has received two design awards. With large glass windows stretching nearly from ceiling to floor, the beautiful scenery fills the cars as “Laview” carries passengers on a luxurious tour from Ikebukuro to Chichibu in just 77 minutes. Designed by world-renowned architect Seijima Kazuyo, “Laview” features spacious cars, reclining seats, electrical outlets, and free Wi-Fi throughout for maximum comfort and convenience. Seibu also operates the Red Arrow train from Shinjuku to the charming town of Kawagoe.
* Additional limited express charge is required.

Famous architect Kuma Kengo designed the interior for the “Traveling Restaurant – fifty two seats of happiness” that runs between Ikebukuro Station – Seibu-Chichibu Station, Seibu-Shinjuku Station – Seibu- Chichibu Station and Seibu-Shinjuku Station – Hon-Kawagoe Station. Experience a state of pure bliss riding the luxurious wagon, and enjoy gourmet meals using seasonal ingredients while observing the beautiful scenery.

*as of October 2020

The Best Things to do in the Suburbs of Tokyo

With the information of SEIBU Railway, confidently explore all of the excitement, wonder, history, gourmet food, and culture found in the Tokyo suburbs full of surprises and relaxing moments. Go to the Website to find more information!

Preventative Measures against COVID-19 for SEIBU RAILWAY Passengers

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