Photo Contest Summer 2016
WAttention Photo Contest Summer 2016 Results

WAttention would like to thank all fans of Japan for sending us your best shots of Nihombashi, Wagashi, Cruises, and Japanese Summer for our fifth photo contest.

Due to lack of submissions and design restrictions, we are unable to elect any to receive the first prize, but we were still very impressed by some of the pictures that were submitted. Here is a selection of our favorites!

Our favorite is this amazing photo taken at Hokokuji Temple in Kamakura, Japan. The shot, taken from a low angle, emphasizes the tall bamboo and you can see the sunlight filtering through the green leaves, capturing the serene and slightly mysterious atmosphere of the place.

Here are some other honorable mentions.

Thank you for all your beautiful photos.

The WAttention Autumn 2016 Photo Contest is scheduled to open in July 2016. We look forward to your submissions!