Gather around the dining table of a local household anywhere in Japan!

Curious to see what an everyday dinner spread looks like in Japan? Hope to make local friends during your stay in Japan? Interested to see the inside of a Japanese house but find couchsurfing too extreme?
Nagomi Visit offers a brief but precious local experience that fulfills all these wishes at once.

Nagomi Visit gives you the opportunity to be invited for lunch or dinner by a local host anywhere in Japan. Instead of preparing a huge feast, the host just cooks an everyday meal to give you an authentic impression of what a real Japanese dining table looks like.
This is an experience no restaurant can give you.

It’s easy to get started. Just make an online booking at Nagomi Visit’s website and choose where in Japan and when you want to be invited.

After you have made a successful booking, you contact your host in advance so that you can already get to know each other a little bit. Your host might even be so friendly to give you a few tips on your trip! On the day itself, you meet at the train station designated by your host from where your host will take you to his/her home.

In just a couple of hours over lunch or dinner, you will be an experience richer, and hopefully have a great time with your new Japanese friends!

Nagomi Visit