Chichibu Welcome Ambassador: arce

Welcome Ambassador

Introducing Chichibu Welcome Ambassador: arce

We are the Chichibu International Guide “arce”.

“arce” is a group devoted to sharing the charm, history, and culture of the Chichibu area to visitors from around the globe. We aim to rediscover the new charm of the Chichibu and provide multilingual information, so everyone can enjoy this beautiful area.

The “arce” guides are local volunteers approved in Chichibu with overseas study experience, work experience, and qualifications as interpreter guides.

In the Chichibu area, 21 out of the 28 types of trees can be found, which is why we chose the name “arce”, meaning “maple” in Spanish. The maple tree is designated as the symbol of Chichibu, and they are of deep importance to the people of Chichibu.

The kaede no hana blooming from maple trees in spring also has a special meaning — “important memory”. As guides we would like to cherish the once-in-a-lifetime meeting and create unforgettable moments together with everyone who visits the Chichibu area.

My Chichibu: Recommended points from arce member


I recommend that you visit Chichibu area, especially many scenic spots like Hitsujiyama-Park and Chichibu muse park. Thanks to the geographical features which are surrounded by the mountains, many kinds of common and rare flowers bloom throughout the year here. Moreover, there are 34 kannon temples all around the city, and each of them has a long history and special features.

I am sure that you can enjoy staying Chichibu area with natural sceneries and historical temples and shrines!

Forte: Photogenic place, Fudasho(Pilgrimage Site)


Chichibu, located just north west of central Tokyo, is a hidden gem embracing nature and its unique regional culture. Although I have spent half of my life in total in the city, it never stops showing something new to me. Recently, what I enjoy the most is tasting various types of local alchohol: sake, wine, beer and even whiskey.

I would be overjoyed if came to visit my lovely hometown.

Forte: Shinto Shrines, Sake, Chichibu Yomatsuri (Night Festival)


Chichibu is filled with great nature, like the Arakawa River. Although it is close to Tokyo, it is easy to experience mountain culture in the rural villages of Japan. Chichibu excites all five senses, and by seeing the culture and history of the Arakawa River, you can recognize how residents in Tokyo have been enjoying its benefits and blessings. It may help you to find one of the solutions to achieve sustainable society. Your valuable experiences in Chichibu would make your memories in Japan and your life much better.

You can’t miss Chichibu!

Forte: History and role of Arakawa ・ World water situation ・ Disaster prevention (especially water disaster)


Chichibu is known for the Chichibu Yomatsuri (Night Festival), which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the Chichibu area, the Arakawa River, blessed with clean water, is one of the water sources that supply drinking water in the metropolitan area. A culture that directly and indirectly reflects the abundant water resources is fostered in Chichibu. There are landscapes rich in nature and flowers that you can enjoy each season. You can enjoy other activities like dynamic river boating, visiting a sake brewery that uses water from the water source, and soba and Udon noodle making.

Forte: Environment, green issue and all lives matter. Fermenation, vegetables, ceramics and cats!!



I moved to Chichibu from Taiwan.
Chichibu has a lot of rich nature, and the flowers of each season bloom beautifully. Also, the air and water are really clean.
Chichibu’s traditional culture will be very attractive to foreigners. I especially recommend you experience a Japanese tea ceremony and flower arrangement (Ikebana).

The tea ceremony held at thatched hut (Souan) has been completed as “Wabi-Sado (Wabi style tea ceremony)” by adding philosophical thinking with the aesthetics of identifying the world of beauty to the former tea ceremony style.

Please experience the beautiful tea room, kimono, and flower arrangement in Chichibu area.

Forte: Kimono dressing, Japanese tea ceremony, Flower arrangement



There are many recommended places in the Chichibu area. And you can enjoy delicious food and sake. I am looking forward to introducing various places in Chichibu to foreigners. Also, I like watching and playing sports. I have climbed many mountains in Chichibu.

The scenery of Chichibu from the summit is superb.

Forte: Guiding Chichibu area, Sports (especially mountaineering)



Chichibu has a lot of beautiful nature, interesting history and culture.
Also, the hearts of the people of Chichibu are full of hospitality, so interacting with the locals as you travel will make unforgettable memories. There are many charms that cannot be conveyed in books and photos!

Please visit and feel the charm of Chichibu. Seeing is believing!!

Forte: Chichibu's history, local cuisine, sake, Yokoze area