Thank you for the interview!
Thank you for the interview!

The interview in Shibuya Scramblers

People from all walks of life from all over the world come to the Shibuya crossing to experience the world’s busiest scramble. In this series, WAttention staff randomly asked foreign Shibuya scramblers what they were doing there and where they are headed for.

Stephanie & Nadialine

From: Denmark

In Shibuya to: see the Shibuya scramble

The Shibuya crossing is: very cool. There are so many people!

Japan is fascinating because: The fashion style is so different from what we see in Denmark. The girls are very stylish and inspiring. Japanese people are very friendly and helpful but we find the mouth masks very fascinating, we would like to buy one here.

After Shibuya we’re: going to Harajuku

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