WAttention Ninja - Recruitment

What is WAttention Ninja?

You may already know Ninja from comic books and animations, right?

What you might not know is that unlike the Samurai who live for battle, the majority of Ninja were informants, whose primary job was to collect intelligence.

WAttention is now recruiting foreign students and residents who want to collect and spread information about Japan as WAttention Ninja.

The Perks!

The perks of becoming a WAttention Ninja are endless!
・Go on interview trips around Japan for FREE
・Meet people you wouldn't normally get to meet and try unique experiences
・Participate in numerous events and conduct backstage interviews
・Visit up-and-coming cafes and go to pre-opening restaurant receptions
・A variety of awards (certificate, original Ninja products, etc.)

Here's what one of our current Ninjas got to experience:

I just came back from Togakushi, the legendary home of Togakure Ninja. I was toured around a ninja-themed museum and amusement park. My favorite part of the experience was I got to try soba that was served by a modern ninja!

Read one of my articles: Visit the Origin of Ninja (1) : Togakushi Shrine


Be Swift, Sign Up

If you have any questions or technical problems with the sign up form, please send us an email to ninja@wattention.com.

Other WAttention Ninja experiences:
Amber & Tabea - Benibana dyeing workshop
Amber & Tabea - Benibana workshop
Alyona & Crabbe - Sake tasting
Alyona & Crabbe - Sake tasting
Ian & Ching Li - Nebuta Festival
Ian & Ching Li - Nebuta Festival
Ilse, Alyona, Melissa - Hanami in kimono
Ilse, Alyona, Melissa - Hanami in kimono

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