Saturday, February 22, 2020
  • Niigata Prize to be Won

Join Our WEB Campaign or answering our Niigata Survey.  We are giving away the following to our lucky winners!

  • A SET : Tokamachi Experience 1 pair (choose from cooking class or snow-trekking)
    by HOME away from HOME Niigata
  • B SET: Tote Bag 3 pieces
    by Sado Tourism Association
  • C SET: Label Sake 1 bottle (Winner's name will be written on the label)
    by Nagaoka City
  • D SET: Tote Bag 3 pieces
    by Tokamachi City
  • E SET: Kaki no tane Snack 5 sets (10 bags)
    by Niigata Prefecture
  • F SET: Paper balloon 10 sets
    by Izumozaki Town
  • G SET: Tote Bag 10 pieces
    by Sado City
  • H SET: Myoko Goken Hot Spring tickets 5 pairs
    by Myoko Tourism
  • I SET: Migakiya Syndicate Double Layer Beer Tumbler 370ml (Diamond Cut Finish and Gold plate) 2 pieces set
    by Niigata Prefecture

WOW US with Your Niigata

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Please make sure that the post is publicly shared with the hashtags #WAniigata

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Earn a chance to win prizes from Niigata Prefecture!

  • Deadline: December 31, 2019

Niigata wants to hear from you

Please kindly help us improve by answering our survey . Those who submit a completed survey will stand to win one of the following unique Niigata prizes!

Deadline: December 31, 2019

Read “Niigata Feature” before answering this survey.

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