3 Easy Steps to join "Wow US with Your Niigata"

1.Share your photos or video of Niigata on your Social media (eg. Instagram, Twitter,etc.)
2.Please make sure that the post is publicly shared with the hashtags #WAniigata
3.Earn a chance to win prizes from Niigata Prefecture!

We are giving away the following to our winners!

Label Sake

1 bottle (Winner's name will be written on the label)
by Nagaoka City

Toto Bag

3 pieces
by Sado Tourism Association

Paper balloon

10 sets
by Izumozaki Town

Tokamachi Expreience

1 pair (choose from cooking class or snow-trekking)
by HOME away from HOME Niigata

Kaki no tane Snack

5 sets (10 bags)
by Niigata Prefecture

Niigata wants to hear from you:

Please kindly help us improve by answering our survey below. Those who submit a completed survey will stand to win one of the following unique Niigata prizes!

Deadline: December 31, 2019

Read “Niigata Feature” before answering this survey.

*For smartphone users, clicking the link and going directly to the Google Form is recommended. The embeded Google Form is not always best optimized for smartphones.forms.gle/dzcmCfoRVChyxYvG7

  • Explore the Unique Variety of Niigata: The Sea of Japan, Savory Food Culture and Nature


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