User guide

This user guide is provided as a guideline for the customer on using the services available at WAttention Store (an online shopping service at
WAttention Store’s lineup concentrates on Japanese products. The majority of these products were also manufactured in Japan.
Products can be purchased from Japan and overseas.
*Please contact for the purchase of products in Japan.

For first time users

In this section, we will explain how to purchase products at WAttention Store and guide you through our member registration procedures. At WAttention Store, products are mainly introduced through articles. In case you wish to purchase a product, first select the amount you wish to purchase by changing the Arabic numerals (1, 2, etc.) located next to the product image. After you have selected the amount of products you wish to purchase, click on “Add to Cart” located next to the product image as well. The product is now saved to your “My Cart” page. You can add and delete products on this page by clicking on the cart image located at the right top of the website.

If you have successfully selected all the products you wish to purchase, select “Proceed to Checkout” located at the bottom of your “My Cart” page.

A screen will appear on which you are requested to fill in your name, address and other personal information necessary to make a purchase. After filling in these items, you will be requested to fill in the credit card details of the credit card you wish to use to purchase your selected products. Once you have filled in all the information, you will receive a notification per email that confirms that you have successfully purchased your selected products. In case an error occurs, there is a chance that a part of the information you have filled in was incorrect. Try filling in your details again. If an error keeps occurring, please contact us at for assistance.

About Payment

A credit card is necessary for purchasing products at WAttention Store. Other payment methods are not accepted. WAttention Store accepts the following credit cards.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Please make sure that the credit card details you fill in are correct.

In the event that the delivery of a product will take more time than usual due to a lack of stock or other reasons for which WAttention is responsible after the payment is made, we will notify the customer by email or telephone. In a case like this, the customer has the right to cancel the order. The complete price of the product(s) will be refunded directly to the credit card used to purchase the product(s). Purchased products cannot be cancelled or refunded because of issues that are not WAttention’s responsibility.

About Shipments

After a purchase is made, product(s) will be shipped by EMS to the customer’s address. For EMS regulations, please view the official website of the UPO (Universal Postal Union).

On the day that the product is sent, you will receive a notification by email. In this email, we will notify the 13 digit item number provided by EMS for the tracking of your product. The shipping period heavily depends on the weight of the product(s) and the country of destination, but usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks. If a product does not arrive, you can track your product with the digit number provided by EMS.

Products can be sent to the following countries/areas.

Asia Shipment costs to this region are from 900 Yen (depends on the weight of product(s).)

Hong Kong

Northern America, Central America  Shipment costs to this region are from 1,200 Yen (depends on the weight of product(s).)

 United States of America

Oceania  Shipment costs to this region are from 1,200 Yen (depends on the weight of product(s).)

New Zealand

Europe  Shipment costs to this region are from 1,200 Yen (depends on the weight of product(s).)

Great Britain
The Netherlands

*For addresses in France, please fill in the door code.
*Please contact for the purchase of products in Japan.

The shipment costs vary depending on the weight and amount of products. All of the shipment costs are to be borne by the customer. In case the products are shipped to an address overseas (outside of Japan), import tax and other taxes might occur. WAttention cannot provide information on such tax rates, and the customer is advised to do research before purchasing products.

About Returning, Refunding and Exchanging products

 In the event that a product did not arrive, or an arrived product is different from the ordered product, broken, damaged or inferior, please contact us at within 7 days after arrival. The product will be either refunded or resent to the customer.
A product broken after arrival by the responsibility of the customer cannot be refunded, resent or exchanged in any case. Refunds will be made to the bank account assigned by the customer.


 If you still have any questions or problems after reading through this user guide, feel free to contact us at .