Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Yen for cheap clothing

Whoever still thinks Tokyo is expensive should go to Notoya in Itabashiku

Up And About Carrot Tower

Sangenjaya to the west of Tokyo is a popular suburb for locals to hang out. The Chazawa-dori street connects Sangenjaya to Shimokitazawa, another neighborhood with interesting local culture nearby. Along this street, you will find many...

WANTED: Used In Japan Goods

Why tourists are now first in line to bag second-hand branded goods in Japan

A day out at Tokyo Station

Experience Tokyo and more at Tokyo Station itself

Taste all of Japan in Ginza

Antenna Shops offer a glimpse into Japan’s regional culture and cuisine

Santa’s favorite place to shop in Shibuya

Even Santa can’t resist the unlimited shopping opportunities at TOKYU HANDS! From high-functional livingware to fancy made-in-Japan items, beauty products and materials for DIY, TOKYO HANDS has an incredible line-up that satisfies pretty much any...

THE YARD @ Shibuya Modi

Shibuya’s newest shopping spot – is full of new innovative shops. One of these, is THE YARD, which brings a new fashion concept for kimono in the hope that Japanese traditional clothing will be worn...

Farmer’s Market @UNU Aoyama

Farmer’s Market is held in Aoyama every weekend! You can get fresh veggies, foods, bread and more at these markets. All Photos: http://farmersmarkets.jp/ Date: Every Saturday and Sunday from 10am~4pm Place: United Nation University in Aoyama Address: 5-53-70, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,...

Let’s Talk Subculture Vol. 6: OJAGA DESIGN

  Explore the fascinating world of Japan’s subcultures with insights from the inside Japanese craftsmanship spirit meets Pikachu Already as a child, the founder of OJAGA DESIGN, Sei Ogawa, or Ojaga, the nickname he is known by,...

Strolling the Shotengai: Musashi-Koyama Palm

Tokyo's Longest Covered Shopping Arcade If you've done any traveling throughout Japan, you've probably come across the close cousin of the traditional shotengai shopping street: the covered shotengai, also known in Japan as the arcade. After...