Sunday, December 15, 2019

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Savour the taste of Japan and discover incredible izakayas, ravishing ramen, sensational sushi, superb sweets, and a whole lot more deliciousness.

Restaurant Review: Sapporo Ramen Republic

Your one stop for ramen in Sapporo If you don’t have the time to search out the best ramen places during your short trip to Hokkaido, also known as the Ramen Continent, why not taste the...

Where does this ghost train bring us?

A visit to ghost town, Sakaiminato

Hidden gems of Sugamo, the ‘Harajuku for obasans’

This street could hold the secret to Japanese ‘obasans’’ longevity

Cool Summer Treks Around Tokyo (1): Kamikochi in Nagano Prefecture

With the mercury rising in the concrete jungle of Tokyo, it’s definitely time to drop a few degrees Celsius by taking a hike somewhere in the lush, green hills of Japan. And while the average...

Picturesque Japan: The Takachiho Gorge

Like magic to your eyes Located on the north edge of Miyazaki prefecture on Kyushu Island, the Takachiho Gorge is without a doubt, one of Japan's most impressive natural landscapes. With dramatic cliffs, verdant forests, an...

Omotenashi In A Ramen Bowl

  One of Japan’s biggest assets is its hospitality and the quality of service. Japanese people’s meticulousness and proactive ideas are surely a source of Japan Inc.’s promising brand. In fact, this philosophy is transcended...