Sunday, January 26, 2020


In Japanese society, tradition is of the upmost importance and even modern traditions are held with reverence as being integral to the Japanese way of life. Everything from businesses, celebrations, shopping and food are effected by and display the various traditions important to the different elements of this timeless society.

Sanja matsuri

The Roots and History of Summer Festivals in Japan

Hot nights, traditional costumes, portable shrines and the rhythmical beating of drums immediately spell out matsuri, summer festivals, to any Japanese person. 'Tis the Season for Matsuri If you know Japan, you know it breathes with...

Matsuri hunting at Matsushiro Castle in Nagano

The 63rd Matsushiro clan: Sanada Jumangoku Festival Matsushiro is located in Nagano Prefecture, an area nowadays famous for skiing. However, during Sengoku period (the Warring States period: 1467-1600), Matsushiro was a famous warrior's territory called...