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Thanksgiving for food in Japanese

Thanksgiving for food in Japanese Itadakimasu and Gochisousama

Thanksgiving For Food in Japanese   The words for this article are those used to give thanks before and after meals. ” 食への感謝の言葉〜「いただきます」と「ごちそうさま」” ”Tanatsumono, momonokigusa mo Amaterasu, hinoookami no megumi etekoso. Asayoini, monokuugoto ni toyoukeno, kamino megumi wo...

From grilled foods to deserts and drinks: Japanese street stalls

These mobile food stalls are a staple of the matsuri scene. From grilled foods like yakitori and okonomiyaki to desserts like choco-banana and taiyaki, these stores serve up almost any kind of Japanese festival...

Flowing Noodles: Chopstick Fishing

This fun summer tradition has diners working to catch their meal. Aptly named “flowing noodles”, The sōmen is placed in long bamboo flumes with fast running cold water that carries the noodles past guests...

Hiyashi Chuka: the best ramen for summer…and winter?

During the hot and humid days of summer, this chilled ramen dish is a welcome change from regular ramen. The cold noodles are served topped with a variety of ingredients such as strips of...

Suikawari: Blindfolded watermelon smashing

The quintessential Japanese beach activity. Similar to the Mexican piñata, suikawari involves blindfolded players trying to smash open a watermelon guided by the shouts of their friends. Usually, a sheet or piece of cardboard is...