Miyazaki City is associated with blue seas, surfing, mangoes, golf, honeymoon trips and spiny lobsters! There are many delicious things to eat, many beautiful landscapes to enjoy and many activities to try—and the Phoenix Seagaia Resort offers the best of Miyazaki all in a single sprawling location. Here are five great reasons to visit!

5. Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort


The Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort is located in the center of the vast Phoenix Seagaia Resort. The hotel is 154 meters (505 ft) tall and has 743 rooms, most of them with an ocean view.

Sheraton puts an emphasis on comfortable sleep, and has developed the “Sheraton Suite Sleeper Bed” together with mattress-maker Sealy in order to provide the best sleeping conditions for guests. All the rooms are equipped with this bed, which embraces your body. A great hotel offers not only great views, but also great conditions for your comfortable sleep!

4. Miyazaki Phoenix Zoo

A popular spot for families is the Miyazaki Phoenix Zoo, which isn’t too far from the hotel. There are 1,200 animals from 100 different species.

In the African-themed part of the zoo you can see zebras and giraffes up close. Some of the daily events include a walking demonstration by the elephants, marching goats, a show with flamingos and interaction with the smaller animals. The zoo opened in 1971, and one of its most famous attractions is the flamingo show, where 70 birds perform together.

3. Shosenkyo Onsen

Japan is the land of onsen, or hot springs. There are a seemingly endless number of hot springs here, but Miyazaki City’s Shosenkyo Onsen has an elegance you won’t find almost anywhere else.

Located in a pine forest adjacent to the Phoenix Seagaia Resort, the opulent bath gives off an air of ancient royalty. There are three types of baths at Shosenkyo Onsen. Which baths guests can access depends on the package they’ve booked at the hotel. The baths are said to be great for nerve pain, sore muscles, joint pain, stiff shoulders, muscle pain from exercise, bruises, sprains, sensitivity to cold, fatigue, cuts, burns and skin disorders.

2. Phoenix Country Club

On one of the Top 3 courses in Japan (and in the Top 100 in the world!), the Phoenix Country Club is surrounded by pristine pine groves. The gorgeous emerald course is as fun to play on as it is to marvel at its beauty. And the clubhouse is just as inviting!

Step inside the elegant clubhouse, renovated in 2002, and you’ll enter a world fully dedicated to the greats of the sport. The sophisticated, soft lighting highlights tournament memorabilia, including photos of past champions, caddie bags signed by Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia, and other historical trinkets.

1. Pokémon Scavenger Hunt

The Phoenix Seagaia Resort is also offering a unique event for Pokémon fans and their parents: a quest to search for over 200 Pokémon at the seaside hotel. Participants are given a “mysterious book” (actually a tablet computer in disguise) that lets them record Pokémon hidden around the resort, including some from the latest X and Y games. When certain markers are found and scanned, the Pokémon will appear as pages within the book. They’re even hidden around the hotel rooms!

The best part for slightly older Poképals: there’s no age limit, and the hotel even recommends that parents or guardians participate too—to help the kids out, of course!

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