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No. 1: MISOKA Toothbrush


This is the toothbrush that requires only water for use. Its bristles are coated with nano-mineral ions, and activated by water. MISOKA not only cleans your teeth but also leaves an ionic coat on the surface of your teeth.


Simply dip it in water and you’re ready to brush! It is especially popular amongst Japanese and Asian customers.

Price: 1,080 yen (including tax)
Category: toothbrush
WAttention Editor's comment: “For the outdoor and businessman who’s always on the go, you won’t find a better toothbrush than this one. And it actually works!”



No. 2: Green Bell Nail Clipper w/Magnifying Glass G-1004


Tired of straining your eyes when trimming your nails? This nail clipper comes with a 2x magnifying glass, which can also stand up on its own and be used for reading and other needs.

Price: 1,188 yen (including tax)
Category: nail clipper
WAttention Editor's comment: "The perfect gift for seniors in particular, but I picked up one for myself too!"



No. 3: BOTANIST Smooth Shampoo & Treatment


This non-silicone shampoo and treatment uses low acidity soap, making for a foamy and moist lather, and an unexpected silky feel. The shampoo and treatment each have their own distinct scent, and using both at the same time makes for a wonderful mixed fragrance.

Price: 1,512 yen each (including tax)
Category: shampoo, treatment
WAttention Editor's Comment: "What a relief to finally have a non-silicone shampoo and treatment that still leaves my hair feeling as smooth and shiny. No more worrying about the silicone weighing down and drying out my hair!"



No. 4: Propolinse


The secret to this mouthwash is its ability to remove protein impurities that build up within your mouth area. Since you can see with your own eyes the results of each rinse, you'll feel even more refreshed!

Price: 271 yen for 12ml pouch (6 pack), 1,058 yen for 600mL bottle (including tax)
Category: mouthwash
WAttention Editor's Comment: "Having seen for myself the disgusting things this mouthwash cleaned out of my mouth, I don't think I can go without!"



No. 5: maNara Hot Cleansing Gel (200g)


Even though technically a cleansing lotion, it functions similar to a beauty lotion, with a 91.4% serum content! When applied, this lotion will create a warming sensation, helpful for opening up your pores and removing dirt and oil. Utilizing no additional food coloring or mineral oils, it is especially easy on your skin.

Price: 4,104 yen (including tax)
Category: makeup remover
WAttention Editor's Comment: "I didn't expect it to warm my skin so quickly, and its citrus fragrance made for an even more refreshing feeling!"

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